BBC - Hive Alive - two part series - reveal the mysteries of the Honey Bee

@Lorne shared this with me - it’s well worth a watch, next episode tomorrow.

It was first shown 15 Jul 2014, now available on BBC iPlayer to watch for the next 29 days.

Chris Packham and Martha Kearney reveal the mysteries of that iconic insect of the British countryside, the honey bee. Midsummer is a critical time for bees, when they must gather enough food for the winter. So, with the help of Professor Adam Hart, Chris and Martha are on a quest to find out how the bees do it.

Using a specially designed hive, with a formidable arsenal of cutting-edge technology to monitor the bees, we enter the bees’ miniature world. Chris and Martha also put to the test the very latest scientific findings about bees, to discover why they are one of the most incredible creatures on our planet.

The hive monitoring equipment / software shown in the video is Arnia:

A great example of what we are trying to do at ynysddu primary school :honeybee:

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The 2nd part is now available for the next 29 days:

Ive got it :joy::joy::joy::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee: